Have questions? We have answers.
What is My Family Appliances?
My Family Appliances is a new appliance store located in Edison, New Jersey. We sell to almost all of New Jersey, the Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania, and Staten Island, NY. We specialize in everything for your kitchen and laundry room. We have other fun things coming soon!
Why doesn't My Family Appliances sell online or list prices online?
My Family Appliances learned the business the old-fashioned way! We believe firmly that customer contact is the only way to go! That can be in-person at our 3500 sq ft showroom in the Wick Plaza in Edison, NJ or over the telephone. We have found that this method is the best way to match our customer with their appliance needs.

Also, being a local business, our delivery range does not allow for the broader audience that online sales can bring. We NEVER want to disappoint our customers! With the economy of today, price changes are fast and furious! So, the price you see today, may not be the price tomorrow. It’s always best to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales professionals.
Can I request a quote even if I am not ready to buy?
Absolutely!!!! Please let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to give you a professional quote with pictures and specifications!
Do I need to know anything before I buy appliances?
The best thing you can do before calling or coming to My Family Appliances is to measure the space where the appliance will live: width, height, depth, etc. Pictures of your current appliances are always helpful too! Also, knowing the delivery path of an appliance would be great!!! Are your hallways and doorways wide enough? Will doors or banisters need to be removed? Knowing this upfront will make delivery easier for all involved!
Can I buy a BBQ grill, even in a snowstorm in February?
Heck Yeah!!! My Family Appliances carries the full line of Weber Grills & Smokers, Broil King Grills & Smokers, Napoleon Grills, & other outdoor appliances. We will soon also be carrying propane heaters, outdoor televisions and so much more!
Is there an installation or delivery charge?
Delivery and installation is available. Normal installation prices can be discussed at the time of purchase and these fees will be paid directly to your installer on install day. My Family Appliances will arrange everything and all you need to do is relax and let our professional delivery & install team take care of the rest. There is no delivery fee if you are having your appliances installed by one of our professional installers.
* Due to the extreme high cost of fuel, there will be a $10 Fuel Surcharge applied to all orders. This will go away as soon as fuel becomes affordable again!
Can someone come and measure for me?
Absolutely! We can arrange for one of our professional appliance installers to come to your home and handle the measuring for you. They can also do a survey of whether you’ll need cutting or filling of existing countertops or cabinets! There is normally a $50 fee for this service, BUT that will be deducted from your installation cost should you make a purchase.
Are you affiliated with the now CLOSED Derby Appliances?
In a nutshell, NO. Derby is gone forever and Mark has retired to live the good life. We are NOT Derby Appliances. However, all of the employees at My Family Appliances have worked at Derby and learned from the master. While we do not carry the Derby name, we do carry-on the commitment that Derby fostered for nearly 70 years: Great service, the best delivery and installations, and the ability to always solve any problem or concern. If you liked Derby Appliances, you are going to LOVE My Family Appliances! We will take the lessons we have learned and ALWAYS make our customer the top priority.