Your Family in the Appliance Industry

With 70 years of industry experience, My Family Appliance has perfected customer service and satisfaction. Starting at a different store, our sales team worked for Derby Appliances before they closed their doors forever. Our fearless leader knew the area would be woefully underserved if a new store didn’t emerge. A beautiful 3500 square foot space was found right on Route 1 in Wick Plaza and My Family Appliances sprang to life. All your favorite sales & back-office team from Derby is making the move too, so you will always see a familiar face. Our goal is for the customer to feel like they are home and like you are part of the family! With the best pricing on the market, we strive to offer the best customer experience from the moment your shopping begins, till the product is delivered & installed in your home.

We will treat you just like family!

If you loved Derby Appliances, you will grow to love us more. Our staff learned this business from the best, and at My Family Appliances we put our 70 years combined industry experience to the test for you every single day!

We sell all major brands of home appliances, while adding new and creative things consistently. Please check back often to see what My Family Appliances is cooking up for you, as well as reaching out with any questions you may have.

We look forward to you becoming Part of the Family!

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